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H.E. Rogelio Garza Garza
Vice Minister of Industry and Trade

Rogelio Garza Garza, is the Undersecretary of Industry & Commerce, at the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

Previously, he served as the Director General of the National Chamber of Electronic Industry, Telecommunications and Information Technology (CANIETI) for 12 years.

At the Mexican Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development, he held the positions of Personal Assistant of the Minister, Deputy Director General of International Trade Negotiations and Deputy Director of Negotiations of the Automotive and Electronic sectors.

In the Ministry of General Comptroller and Administrative Development he served as Director of Economic Deregulation.

He was also Quality Coordinator in the ISO-9002 Program at the office of the Minister of Commerce and Industrial Development as well as Coordinator of the Certification Program ISO-9002 in CANIETI.

He has served as Vice-president of the Association of Economists of Nuevo León as well as proprietary board member in the Mexican Industrial Chamber Confederation (CONCAMIN) and proprietary board member in the Standardization and Electronic Certification body (NYCE).

Rogelio holds a BA degree in Economy from the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies in Monterrey and Diploma Studies in International Trade from the University Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid, Spain.