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The Second Annual Global Business Forum on Latin America will take place on 27-28th February 2018


John Defterios
Emerging Markets Editor

John Defterios is CNN's Emerging Markets Editor, based in its Abu Dhabi bureau since 2011 and focusing on the top business stories from emerging economies.  He also hosted ‘CNN Marketplace Middle East’, a weekly business programme, and ‘One Square Meter’, focusing on urban planning and property development in emerging markets. Prior to CNN, Mr Defterios worked for Reuters Television as European Correspondent, West Coast Correspondent and special series producer in a joint-venture with The Nightly Business Report on PBS-TV. 

He has more than two decades of financial news and current affairs experience covering landmark events, including the Gulf War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the World Trade Centre bombings and G8/G20 summits from his postings in London, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Rome and the Middle East. Mr Defterios is also a World Economic Forum media leader and member of the Global Agenda Council on the Arab World and has served as Chairman of the Business Week Leadership Forums in London, Beijing and New York as well as the World Islamic Economic Forum.  In addition, he has conducted numerous interviews with global high-level figures in the worlds of politics and economics.